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Delta Engine Private Beta v0.8.6 released

There have not been much news on this blog about the Delta Engine because everything you need to know can be found at

Last week we released one of our last internal beta versions v0.8.6 (we almost got 1000 participants and around 400 active beta testers, which are very nice numbers for us, web trafic is also skyrocketing since a week). The last private beta v0.8.7 is coming next week already. And in exactly one month the first ever public version (v0.9.0, still beta, but very functional already) will be released, which allows you do do simple and complex .NET development with ease and deploy your game or application on a huge number of platforms and devices (iOS, Android, WP7, Xbox 360, Web, Windows PC, Linux, MacOS, etc.).

More updated news about our projects SoulCraft and ArenaWars 2 can also be found in our new Delta Engine Forum.

Hope you like it :)

Arena Wars 2 announcement


"exDream is proud to announce the next episode in our award-winning series – Arena Wars 2 promises to live up to the legacy of its predecessor," commented exDream CEO Boje Holtz. "The Arena Wars series will continue to evolve with this title, and we look forward to presenting Arena Wars 2 with a new and improved design that will enhance the gaming experience and attract new players to the series. Fans of League of Legends and Starcraft will have no trouble getting to grips with Arena Wars 2. We're huge fans of these landmarks in gaming history at exDream, and we plan to spice up the Arena Wars gaming experience by including some of their most popular and well-known elements. We're also delighted to have Just A Game on board as our publishers. The guys and gals at Just A Game put so much dedication and enthusiasm into their work, and we're sure Arena Wars 2 will be the best this series has seen yet."