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Please meet new & improved SoulCraft 0.5.5 with new location Cambodia

We are happy to announce that we just released the new and improved SoulCraft 0.5.5 together with a new location called "Cambodia".

We hope we have taken as much of your feedback as possible into account and put it into this new version. Work of course is always ongoing as you can see on our public roadmap for SoulCraft!

Changelog version 0.5.5
- new loaction Cambodia
- include Honeytracks so we know whats going on
- add YouTube VIdeo Tutorial for Ingame gameplay
- Move whole game into the azure cloud
- give gold for SoulCraft likes on facebook
- Level 3D fixes
- lots of other fixes

Have fun :)

New location revealed: Cambodia

We are excited to give you a sneak peak on the all-new free location we will be opening up to you to play with the next content patch: The Cambodian Jungle

New Location: Cambodian Jungle

New Location: Cambodian Jungle

Please use this form to report Bugs - thank you!

As you know SoulCraft is in open beta and therefore we would like to hear bugs from you. While the forums are certainly the best way to discuss new features wishes, they are probably not the best way to report bugs. It is quite hard to keep track of these bugs when they are somewhat hidden in a discussion board.

Thats why we tried to think of an easy way to report bugs for you. While it is probably best to give you access to our internal bug tracking system, this is not so easy to do. Thats why we start with this Google Docs form for now. So please use this form und report your bugs! Thanks a lot!


Opening up SoulCraft for more Android devices

The Android Open Beta currently only runs on NVIDIA tegra devices - and for some good reason because especially those new tegra 3 chips are  pretty powerful and cool. (I personally like the 250 (!) USD new Tegra 3 device announced at CES) - Also we come from a PC & console development background so working with NVIDIA was kind of natural for us :)

However of course we also want to support all the other Android devices and therefore we looked into some statistics what other devices are out there and to figure out the most important devices. We found the following statistics which is really interesting and we wanted to share with you - as expected the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most important Android device .. .however it only has around 10% market share in total! Still it will be one of the first non-tegra devices we will support.

SoulCraft 0.5.4. released & double Gold for all Beta Users

We have just uploaded SoulCraft 0.5.4. based on your initial reaction to the game. Hope you like the changes and please discuss them with us in the forums!

Please also see our roadmap if you want to have a bigger picture where the game is heading and discuss this roadmap with us!

We really appreciate your support for SoulCraft and thats why we are happy to announce, that all gold you buy during the beta will be doubled as soon as version 1.0 will be released!

CHANGELOG v. 0.5.4
- improve background issues for higher aspect ration than 1.66
- give 3 potions to new characters
- update AdMob SDK and fixed AdMobHelper, ads working now in Soulcraft
- fixed sound metadata loading, add sound length (fixes some sound looping issues)
- improve arena mode, one more wave at the start
- improve idle and won angel animations for metagame
- show controls help screen before game starts
- fixed sound looping bug after level end


SoulCraft Roadmap

First let me say a quick thank you for the great reception to our SoulCraft beta launch. We are really happy with the amount of downloads and the feedback we get from all of you. Thanks for playing & testing the game and helping us to make the best Action RPG on mobile platforms!

But now lets look at the things to come. Today we had our first big meeting to start with the roadmap of the coming weeks also based on the initial feedback we got from you - the players. We want to make it as transparent as possible to you what we are planning to add to the game so you can discuss this with us and help us prirotize even better. This is not an easy task since we have thousands of things on our wish list and deciding what to do first is really hard. Therefore we decided to make the roadmap public. Please comment the roadmap in our forums. Thanks :)

You will probably also see some features in the roadmap which you rather not have included into the game .. my first guess would be the integration of Admob ads :) (actually they were implemented from the beginning but they are buggy right now). However please note that we need to earn at least our wages to keep the development going and thats why these things are necessary to fund a free2play game. Actually right now we need to do other "work for hire" projects to fund the development of SoulCraft - but of course at some point SoulCraft needs to pay for itself. We hope you will help us to make SoulCraft a success and to find the right balance!

So again - please have a look at our roadmap and tell us what you think in our forums - thanks!


Official Launch of SoulCraft Open Beta for Tegra Devices

After the unofficial "soft launch" of SoulCraft on Saturday (or better Sunday morning), today we are launching the game officially.

It turned out to be a good idea to have a small soft launch before the official one, because today we were able to do a small update to also support the Tegra powered phones  :)

(Changed Minumus Android OS required from 3.1 to 2.3).

We are very happy with the initial launch with over 1000 downloads and awesome feedback in the first 24 hours even we did not make any marketing at all (our facebook fanpage only had about 50 fans!!) - great word of mouth obviously :) Thanks very much for your ongoing feedback which will help us shape the game together with you. Please look forward to a bigger update in the coming weeks with lots of improvements and new content. We will keep you posted!

But now - have fun playing the game! Go to and start downloading!



For the record - here you go with our official press release from today:

Android open beta started for the indie-developed free2play Action-RPG SoulCraft, as featured by NVIDIA at CES

•    free2play Action-RPG “SoulCraft" now available for multi-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Tegra 3-powered Android devices in Open Beta
•    Created with own Delta Engine by indie game developer MobileBits (
•    Shape the future of the game together with MobileBits in open beta:  
•    When Angels, Humans & Demons fight, it will be up to you who wins
•    Watch the trailer here:
•    As featured by NVIDIA at CES 2012 and Tegra Zone app

After almost 2 years of development, the free2play Action RPG game SoulCraft is now available in the Android Market and featured on the NVIDIA Tegra Zone for multi-core Tegra 2 and Tegra 3-powered mobile devices. Gamers can now choose their favorite side when angels, demons and humans fight to see who will win the apocalypse.

Players are invited to take part in the open beta to continuously tweak and improve the game. “SoulCraft is for real gamers – and what better way to get feedback than to let gamers actually play the game?" asks Boje Holtz, Producer of SoulCraft.

MobileBits will discuss the progress of the game with its developer diary on

As the game has been developed with MobileBits’ own multiplatform technology Delta Engine (also available for third parties at and the game will eventually run on all Android devices, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and even on the PC, MobileBits is debuting SoulCraft on NVIDIA® Tegra®-powered Android devices first. This includes a specially optimized version for Tegra 3, the world’s first quad-core mobile processor.

“Working with NVIDIA, we were able to bring real console-quality gaming to mobile, with no compromises,” said Karsten Wysk, CEO of MobileBits. “We can’t wait for consumers to experience SoulCraft‘s action, gameplay and out-of-this-world graphics, and give us feedback during the open beta so we can make the game even better.”

The Tegra 3-optimized version of SoulCraft uses 4 cores with HD background models, textures and physical particles. SoulCraft is featured on NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone app, where consumers can find optimized games for Tegra-powered super phones and tablets. 

For more information, visit, download the Android Open Beta and help us make SoulCraft even better.
Thanks :)

About MobileBits
MobileBits is an independent developer for every platform with an AppStore (iPhone, Android, WP7,...). The 25-people-strong-team is based in Hamburg and Hannover, Germany and has been developing games for more than 10 years for PC, XBox360 and the PS3 under the name exDream (see MobileBits now fully concentrates on games for AppStore-platforms and the Delta Engine. Please see for more details.

About Delta Engine
The Delta Engine allows you to develop applications and especially games for all major AppStore platforms completely under Windows with .NET by using your favorite tools. It is free to use (on Windows, see Licensing), Open Source and written in 100% .NET.
The Delta Engine currently supports Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, Android Tablets, Windows Phone 7 and more platforms in the future.

Final work on the SoulCraft Beta Release

Its Saturday again and pretty much one year after we first showed SoulCraft at the NVIDIA keynote at CES 2011, we are sitting again at the weekend to finish up the last work for the SoulCraft Open Beta. We are very excited because finally we are going to release the first version of the game :)

SoulCraft is being created with our own Delta Engine so alltogether it took us over 2 years of development to get to this stage and we are very happy to release the first open beta version of our free2play Action RPG SoulCraft for Tegra powered Android devices. We will very soon add other Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S2 and more. We are passionate RPG players ourselves and wanted to bring the great experience of awesome games such as Diablo or Torchlight on the PC to the mobile platforms. However bringing a game to mobile platforms requires some significant changes and we thought the best way to make a great game is to work directly with you - the actual player.
That is why we decided to release the game early with this open beta today. We hope you take this opportunity and help us make the best Action RPG for mobile platforms. Please discuss the future of the game in our forum and on our feedback page - Thanks a lot and have fun playing very soon :)