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Entries welcome for the Monthly Contest

Every winner in each category (Best Game, Best Tutorial and Best Code) gets these cool prizes with a value of over $300 each.

To participate, post your submission in this thread. For general information about the contest, look here.


The Creeps are closer and closer!


Creepy Towers release is imminent! While you are waiting, why don't you take a look at a short gameplay video of its prototype?

To be a Creative Coder

Are you interested in programming and doing it in funny, creative ways? Would you like to learn coding or improve your skills? Would you like to make this passion your profession? 

Here it is a brand new initiative, called CreativeCoder. CreativeCoder is a training program for creating professional programmers through professional experience. The participants will be able to train themselves in a real working environment and to learn stuff by doing!

Delta Engine is part of this program too!

Do you want more info?

Just click on this link and take a look around!

Pump up the noise!

Can you hear it? Was that the sound of a far away explosion?

What could have caused it? Maybe it was a Fire Tower attacking a Cloth Creep... or an Impact one slamming on Iron?

Since the release is approaching, it is finally time for Creepy Towers to start being noisy! We are working together with Reflex Studio, a professional music and sound composing studio with quite some experience!

Reflex Studio is on the professional market for almost fifteen years and counts more than 60 successful projects under its belt.

Given this fact, Creepy Towers will be even more awesome than expected!

Creepy Towers Game Jam

Next week, third Delta Engine Game Jam is scheduled. However, we decided to make it a little different and more special: it will be a jam entirely devoted to Creepy Towers. For this reason, it will be a simple internal affair, closed to visitors, entirely devoted to boost our tower defense game development!


Here at the offices, we are pretty excited and are already making the first preparations for the event. Small teams will have to show how good they are both to compete and cooperate for a final, common goal!

 However, some fun moment might happen some now and then, like, for example, a few challanes at soccer-table!


Creepy Towers keeps on growing

Silently, just like an obscure unseen menace, Creepy Towers project keeps on growing.

If you are new and ask what is Creepy Towers, I can tell you that it is a 3D Tower Defense game currently under development at Delta Engine. Just like the engine itself, CT is an open source project and will be updated on regular basis. Given its nature, this game will take into careful account every suggestion and proposal made by players, so be sure to be a fan from the very beginning! Like the FaceBook page now!

I almost forgot: Creepy Towers will be released for all the platforms supported by Delta Engine and, thanks to Cloud savings, it will be possible to play it and use your data on any device you own.

 Are you wondering how it might look like? Well, this is just a sneak peek of a level... but enjoy it!

Creepy Towers prototype trailer is here!

We finally release the early development stage video showing changes from the very first concepts to a bit more advanced ones!
The video is also available on Youtube at the following url:


Soulcraft on the big stage at CeBIT

The Soulcraft game (showcase game for the good old v0.9.x DeltaEngine from the past) was updated today and is featured in the Windows 8 Game Store. It is also displayed at the CeBIT on the big stage as one of the Windows 8 games :)

BTW: If you want to meet us on the CeBIT, we will be there on Friday. Feel free to contact me.

Pictures from the Game Jam

Here are some quick impressions from our first Delta Engine Game Jam (Friday, 2013-02-08). The topic was "Death". Our next Game Jam will be bigger and better and starts 3rd May 2013 till 5th May 2013 (you can either just work on your game on Friday or spend all weekend).

All the games shown here were build with the Delta Engine Milestone 2 and will be part of the Samples so you can download and try them out in the next releases, but there was also a team building a Java game. I don't have a screenshot, but you can check out Andre's game here.

We started by buying some food, there is even some healthy stuff in there, but not much. We also ordered Pizza and bought more Beer later.


Our amazing Game Programmer Phil (living in China) was working on his own on a game called "Blob". He was working on vector rendering and did a cool intro for his game, but then ran out of time to actually build some levels. Next time we should pair him up with some artists.


Another team with 2 programmers from the office and an artist from Italy build the really bloody game "Tanfius Must Die".


The biggest team at the office build a pretty complex RPG like game called "Til Death" with adventure like cut scene scripts. They have completed 4 levels and have everything from long funny intros, 4 unique maps and path finding. The mission is to protecting a guy or girl from zombies until he or her can finally die a natural death so the main character can harvest the soul properly. Credits include: Joey, Michele, Janina, Kerstin, Melanie, Flavio and Gero (and some others helped as well I guess). The game is amazing and everyone was surprised that they managed to put so much content and functionality into the game with this early version of the Delta Engine. However it does not work on most PCs (not even mine, so I have no screenshots from inside the game) and needs some reduction (500MB?) and finetuning before it can be released ^^


Because of a Dentist appointment Kirsten and me started a few hours later and build a little "Game Of Life" game with the twist to actually prevent life from spreading. It is called "Game Of Death" and the goal is to kill little rabbits before they multiply too quickly and take over the world. You can hit them with a mallet or burn them down, but they will get stronger over time so you need to resort to biological and even atomic warfare as the game goes on. The more rabbits you kill the higher your score will be. The whole 14-15h I worked on this game was streamed, so you can watch the way I approached Test Driven Development in a stressful environment. There is obviously some hacking going on, but you can always see unit tests helping me along the way and it really helped finding bugs quickly and even fixing several issues I found with the Delta Engine while adding features for our game (particle effects, font rendering, playing compressed sound files, etc.)


Last but not least here are some impressions from our presentation on Friday:

Everyone agrees this was a great event, we all learned a lot and had tons of fun. We even improved the Delta Engine, fixed issues and now have a bunch of useful sample games for others to check out.

Till next time, remember the date 3rd May 2013 for the Second Delta Engine Game Jam :)

Live Streaming from the Game Jam

I am currently streaming live from the Game Jam. The game I am creating is called "Game Of Death", which is a variation of the Game Of Life except you have to kill live, which spreads throughout the game. You will lose if you cannot stop life spreading.